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over 3 years ago

First Grade Parent Newsletter 

Unit R Week 2

Our Mission: We Build Leaders


Practice our word wall words at home with your child this week. The word reading test will be on Friday. These tests will focus on the words and sounds we are learning this week: Consonants f, b, g, d, l, h and Vowel: short i, short o.

Word Wall Words:  do, look, was, yellow, you, are, have, that, they, two (Go all the way to “two” on your red paper)  

Study, Study, Study!!!


We have started Saxon math series. The Homework component is VERY important. We will do Side A in class. Please do Side B and put it in your child’s Take Home Folder each night. If they struggle with a question, circle it or write a note and I will address it the following day. Thanks in advance for your help in your child’s learning!!!

**In addition to the pages below, your child will need to read the assigned**

passage and nonsense words of the week and have them initialed each night. Please time them for 1 minute on both sides. They do not have to read the entire passage. You should see improvements each day. Please return them to school each day so I can see them.


Monday : Passage in take home folder, Math Side B

Tuesday :  Passage  in take home folder, Math Side B

Wednesday : Passage  in take home folder, Math Side B

Thursday : Passage  in take home folder, Math Side B

Friday : Review what we covered this week

I am sending home some of the work we did during reading this week. They completed a few pages each day during center rotations. There were lots of pages that we did not get to. You may keep these at home. They can use them for practice or play “school” with them.

Important Dates to Remember:

August 23rd  – School Pictures

August 31st - A+ Fundraiser $ and forms due. Please help us raise money for our school!

September 5th  – Labor Day

September 14th – Progress Reports


                                                                                    Mrs. Garmon






By Kathryn Garmon

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